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Script Pitchers – a revolutionary platform that bridges the gap between writers and the film industry experts. This unique avenue is dedicated to bringing stories and entertainment to every corner of the country. With Script Pitchers, getting an entry into the film industry as a writer has never been easier!

Script Pitchers is a pioneering platform that offers a world of new opportunities for writers, while also serving as a treasure trove of content for industry experts. By taking what’s on paper and bringing it to the screen, Script Pitchers is determined to stay on the path of delivering top-notch entertainment to audiences everywhere.

If you’re a writer looking to break into the film industry, Script Pitchers is the perfect platform for you. With the help of industry experts, you can now turn your ideas into reality and showcase your talent to the world. And if you’re an industry expert looking for fresh, new content, Script Pitchers offers a plethora of unique and exciting stories to choose from.


As a pioneering platform that bridges the gap between writers and industry experts, Script Pitchers has faced several challenges in gaining and reaching new audiences

  1. Gaining followers is also critical for the success of Script pitchers. This requires a consistent and engaging content strategy that resonates with the audience and provides value in the form of information, entertainment, or both. Without a steady stream of high-quality content, it can be challenging to attract and retain followers on the platform.
  2. Despite the unique value proposition that Script Pitchers offers, gaining followers and creating brand awareness has been a major challenge for us. As a new platform, Script pitchers may struggle to stand out in a crowded marketplace and establish a unique brand identity. This requires a thoughtful and targeted marketing strategy that leverages social media, email marketing, advertising, and other channels to reach potential users and build brand recognition.

Executive Strategy

To achieve this challenge, we developed a strategy that focused on increasing audience engagement and expanding Script Pitchers reach on social media. Here are some steps we took:

  1. Using relevant hashtags: Hashtags are a great way to make content discoverable . We use relevant hashtags that relate to script or writing niche to increase the visibility of our posts.
  2. Post engaging content: We posted different informative content, where we tried to engage writers and industry experts.
  3. Trending reels: We worked with our client to create some amazing trending content through which we gain more engagement.
  4. Collaborations: We collaborate with various writer’s specific pages and co-hosted various competitions for writers to engage them with Script pitchers.

Results: By implementing the above strategies, we were able to increase audience reach significantly. Within a few months, we were able to gain 200 followers organically. Additionally, content on the page started receiving more likes, shares, and comments, which helped increase the brand awareness of the company. 

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