Aadil Jaipuri


Aadil Jaipuri is a talented actor who has recently been featured in music videos and magazines like Grazia, and has won multiple awards for his work. As a social media agency for Aadil, it is important to showcase his talent, achievements, and personality through his social media page.

The page may feature updates on Aadil’s current and upcoming projects, along with behind-the-scenes glimpses into his personal and professional life. It may also showcase his past work and accolades, such as the music videos he has been a part of and the awards he has won.


Aadil Jaipuri had a personal social media page with 600 to 800 followers. The challenge was to expand his audience reach despite the tight competitive market and upcoming trends. Additionally, the social media page had to stay true to Aadil’s image while reaching as many audiences as possible.

To get Aadil Jaipuri ready for his return to acting, we began by taking steps to activate his social media account. This included posting content, creating stories, and engaging in other related activities. (Preparing for his comeback as an actor – we started activating his social media account with posting, stories and more activities.)

Executive Strategy

To achieve this challenge, we developed a multi-pronged strategy that focused on increasing audience engagement and expanding Aadil’s reach on social media. Here are some steps we took:

  1. Content Strategy: We created a content calendar that highlighted Aadil’s upcoming projects, shared behind-the-scenes moments from his work, and showcased his interests and values. This helped us create relevant and engaging content that resonated with his audience and increased the chances of the content being shared and reaching a wider audience.
  2. Hashtag Strategy: We used relevant hashtags that helped increase the discoverability of Aadil’s content on social media. We identified industry-specific hashtags that were trending and used them to increase Aadil’s visibility in the industry.
  3. Audience Engagement: We interacted with Aadil’s audience on social media by responding to comments and sharing or posting insightful true content.. This helped build a strong relationship with Aadil’s audience and increased the chances of the content being shared and reaching a wider audience.
  4. Data Analysis: We constantly monitored the performance of Aadil’s social media page and analyzed the data to identify what was working and what wasn’t. This helped us refine our content and outreach strategies to optimize audience engagement and increase Aadil’s reach on social media.

Results: By implementing the above strategies, we were able to increase Aadil’s audience reach significantly. Within a few months, his social media page grew from 600-800 followers to over 16.1k followers, with his Instagram account being verified. Additionally, Aadil’s content started receiving more likes, shares, and comments, which helped increase his visibility in the industry. Overall, our multi-pronged approach helped us reach a wider audience while staying true to Aadil’s image and brand.

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